thread is a full suite enabling HR and Payroll Departments to have a seamless payroll processing, employee administration, registration, analysis, and employee life-cycle management.
thread is your road to HR technology
thread simplifies your HR operations making HR Management easier, thus enhancing efficiency, productivity and profitability. It also optimizes the resources of HR operations across diversified industries.
Transform your HR Process with our powerful features
HR Management
Manage your workforce with a highly flexible system - from company policy alignment to timekeeping and analytics, using a single intuitive HR system.
Payroll Management
Ensure control on managing payroll on your terms. Thread transforms your entire hire-to pay process with a streamlined time-keeping and payroll management process.
Keen for upgrades? We got you!
Choose from these add-on features:
Compensation & Benefits
Define, manage, and monitor organizational movements to calibrate employees' compensation and benefit package such as salary, bonuses and allowances.
Find and hire the best talent through an online job portal easily accessible to both employer and applicants.
Performance Management
Empower your people by giving them the tools to proactively set their goals, measure, and discuss their performance with their managers during regular check-ins.
Focus on what matter :
the people
thread decreases payroll transaction processing time by 65%, while increasing related production by 50% - letting HR teams focus on people
threading success for enterprises since 2012
Focusing on success, focusing on people
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Experience thread
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